Australian Guitar Academy was founded in 2009 by Nick Tschernez.

Nick completed a Bachelor of Education at Queensland University of Technology in 2005. Since then he has taught as a classroom teacher, worked as a temporary relief teacher and given private tuition to adults, children and international students. He is passionate about teaching, learning and music. He has studied music for many years and, through his experience as a teacher, has built a thorough understanding of how learning takes place. He knows that his role is not only as a teacher but also as a trainer, mentor and coach. Most importantly, he knows that above all these, his role is as a student, continually developing his own abilities with an open mind, in a spirit of lifelong learning. He loves his job, is absolutely determined to build the best guitar school in Brisbane and totally committed to providing his students with more value and greater results than any other guitar teacher or music school can even dream of offering.