How To Achieve Great Things In Your Guitar Playing Faster

How To Achieve Great Things In Your Guitar Playing


You can achieve much more in your guitar playing than you think. When you make bigger musical goals for yourself, you become a better player than you could with small goals. This is how great guitarists take their skills to the highest level. Here are several actions to take in order to achieve great things in your guitar playing:


Find A Guitar Teacher With A Goal-Oriented Teaching Approach


The fastest way to achieve any musical goal is to work with an expert who has helped others do what you want to do. Find a guitar teacher who has helped many students become great players, teaches in your musical style and uses a goal-oriented approach.


Experienced guitar teachers who use a goal-oriented approach get fast results for their students because they understand how to form an effective strategy. When you learn guitar using a strategy, you have a clear path to your goals that keeps you from wasting time practicing the wrong things. This guarantees that your guitar practice schedule is always full of fun things to practice that bring you closer and closer to your goals every time you pick up your instrument. Combined with an effective schedule, a great guitar teacher keeps you on track and guides you towards becoming the player you always wanted to be.


Practice Guitar For Quality Not Quantity


Too many guitarists practice guitar for as many hours as they can. They believe this is the key to becoming great. However, practicing a lot on its own does not make you a better player. Instead, having high quality practice makes you better. A guitarist who practices only 30 minutes a day can easily reach his musical goals faster than someone who practices for 4 hours a day as long as his practice is higher quality.


To make your practice higher quality, make sure you understand what you need to work on to reach your goals. Avoid working on things that might be fun, but don’t actually help you get any closer to your goals. Then divide up your practice time into smaller segments so you can maintain complete focus as you practice. This way, your mind doesn’t wander and you are able to get the maximum benefit as you memorize new muscle movements and correct mistakes.


Jacob Melling, experienced guitar teacher and owner of the American Academy of Guitar Mastery, offers this advice: “To achieve great things on guitar, spending your practice time wisely is crucial. Too many guitarists waste it by mindlessly noodling around… and believe THIS is practice. Understand that practice is meant to be a time for improving and learning. Set aside another time for playing licks and noodling. Focus on what you are doing 100% while you practice and you’ll get better results. Work with a guitar teacher who can show you how to practice as effectively as possible, and you’ll become an excellent player very quickly.”


Change The Way You Make Goals


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you accomplish more when you set out to do big things. You can achieve much more than just playing a few cool licks, or playing along to your favorite songs. Work with a guitar teacher to expand your horizons and become a great player. This makes playing guitar even more fun and motivates you to challenge yourself and improve.