10 Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion For Guitarists

10 Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion For Guitarists

If you have a guitarist in your life, you might be wondering what to get them for a birthday, Christmas, or some other occasion. Or if you are a guitarist yourself, read this article to find a good idea for a present for yourself!

To help you decide,here’s a list of items below, all of which will make playing music easier and more enjoyable.

  1. A clip-on tuner (€ 10-15). Yes we know you can use the free Guitar Tuna on a Smart phone BUT the clip on tuner can stay clipped on your instrument AND keep you away from the distractions of your phone. This will make it easier for you to tune in class or on stage also. There are fun shaped ones for children.
  2. A new set of strings that the store can help put onto your instrument (€10-30). New strings will give your instrument a brighter and better sound. You can also change to lighter strings if you have an acoustic steel string guitar and this will make playing your guitar easier.
  3. The Amazing Slow Downer app (€16.99) – This app will let you slow down recordings of songs so you can play along! If you have a Spotify account you can use any of your saved Spotify songs in the app.
  4. An instrument stand (€10-40) – so your musical instrument can stay out of its case – making it easier to pick up and play! As a bonus it looks very cool.
  5. A music stand (€15-40)- so you can more easily read your music sheets. This is also great if you want to get into the habit of standing up and playing to avoid peering down at a table. A music stand is a real multi-tasker for the household as things like tablets can be put on it, or other things like speech notes to practise presentations with.
  6. A footstool (€5-20) to help your posture when playing. When both your feet are stable, your instrument can rest properly on you – this will reduce muscle tension in your shoulders and back and neck so your fingers WILL speed up.
  7. A new pick (€0.50 – €30 for custom packs). You could even get custom picks made how cool is that?
  8. A piece of wall art of your favorite musician/band or instrument. Hang it near where you practice to get inspired!
  9. A Capo (€10-30) – lets you play in different keys easily. This are for acoustic guitarists, especially those who sing or want to sing while playing.
  10. For electric guitarists, effects pedals are ALWAYS a big want! There are many different kinds from delays to distortion, from wah-wahs to loop pedals. Prices vary from around €75 upwards. Roland RC-1 is a great starter loop pedal for €99.

Then there is the bigger gift of an instrument upgrade!

It’s an exciting thing to get a new guitar. There are so many types of guitar out there and it can get overwhelming. Talk to your guitar teacher if you have one, they can help you narrow it down.

For children, I recommend you never rush to upgrade – I feel that children should always ‘earn’ any instrument upgrade in a number of ways including 1) diligence in attending lessons 2) showing enthusiasm for playing their instrument 3) a growing curiosity and enjoyment of listening to broader styles of music.

Also as children grow, the size of their next instrument will matter so your teacher can suggest when the best time to make a change can be so that their existing instrument gets plenty of use first.

If you are based in Dublin and are looking for guitar lessons for your child, check out our website and drop us a line.