How Learning Guitar With A Teacher Makes You Better Fast

How A Good Guitar Teacher Helps You Make Faster Progress


A lot of guitar players overlook the importance of taking lessons with a good guitar teacher and try learning on their own. Don’t make this same mistake. Learning as a self-taught guitarist slows down your progress, causes you to waste practice time and adds unnecessary frustration into your playing. Working with a guitar teacher solves all this. Here’s how taking lessons with a good guitar teacher makes you a better player in less time:


  1. You know what to practice to reach your goals


Learning guitar on your own frequently leads to a trial and error approach. This means you simply guess about what you should be learning to get better. Although you might guess correctly every once in a while, you’ll mostly be spending time creating bad playing habits and being frustrated about not getting any better. When you find a guitar teacher who has already helped others effectively reach their goals, you put yourself on a clear path for reaching yours. Great guitar teachers examine your specific musical goals and create a lesson plan for you that guarantees you are always learning what you need to learn in order to become the player you want to be.


Additionally, this helps minimize frustration in your playing that comes from feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm is a problem that many guitarists have when they try to practice too many things at once with no real sense of direction. They don’t know what to practice, how to practice it or for how long to practice it. This causes them to freeze up and not practice anything at all! A guitar teacher breaks everything down so you know exactly what you need to be doing to get better.


  1. You get feedback when you have problems


Learning guitar own your own gives you no feedback whenever you aren’t sure how to play something or if you are playing correctly. Learning with a guitar teacher gives you access to an expert who quickly pinpoints any problem areas in your playing in order to keep you on the right path. This eliminates frustration so you can enjoy practicing and getting better.


  1. You learn how to play guitar even better than you thought possible


The problem with learning guitar on your own is you “don’t know what you don’t know.” You might think that you are playing something at the highest level it could be played at after years of practice… when in reality, your playing is full of mistakes and you are nowhere close to reaching your full potential. When you learn guitar with a great teacher, he/she knows things about playing guitar that you simply do not, due to their vast experience in guitar playing and guitar teaching. As a result, you quickly begin learning subtle and not-so-subtle ways to improve your playing that you never even thought of… or thought was possible. This makes working with a guitar teacher invaluable.


Whenever you look for a good guitar teacher, make sure he/she has been trained to teach guitar better. Many guitar teachers lack this credential, and it is crucial for justifying their teaching effectiveness. Additionally, make sure the teacher you work with teaches in the same style you want to learn in (and has helped other students become great players in that style). When you do all these things, you quickly become a better guitarist.