Michael Jordan’s Lesson About Succeeding In Music

Michael Jordan’s Lesson About Succeeding In Music

Maybe you were not expecting that. After all Michael Jordan does not play the guitar or any instrument (well at least it is not known that he does) so how can he teach you anything about succeeding in music or as a musician? Well there are things about succeeding in general that applies to all kinds of things. If you look at anyone who has succeeded in anything, whether it is a musician or someone who is successful in an entirely different industry, there are universal lessons that to be learned from them.

So really I could have written an article about someone else who succeeded and say the same kind of things in that article as I would here as it is all the same. But with that said here are some of the things that can be learned from Michael Jordan.


1) Nobody is born the best, you become the best.

Even if you are born with natural talent in some way, you still cannot be born the best as a complete musician or a complete anything. Michael Jordan found this to be true, when he got rejected from his high school basketball team. That’s it, one of the most known and perhaps one of the most skilled basketball players did not even make the school team. He had to develop his skills to become the player he is today

What does this mean for you? It means that If you feel like you are not getting anywhere, or you hear your friends play and feel like you are so far beyond all of them, there was a time when they couldn’t play well either. There was a time when the people you looked up to couldn’t play well.


2) You can overcome any challenge that you face playing music

Everyone who has ever succeeded at anything has had to overcome challenges, frustrations and setbacks. Michael Jordan has proven this to be true. A lot of people seem to believe that you should give it a try and if you fail once then that is it, you have failed.

But success in playing music, playing basketball or anything else you could possibly think of, does not work this way. You will fail and you will fail more than once before you finally get to the end of the road. And even then there are always ways to grow.

In other words, do not give up if you have been struggling for a long time, do not give up if it seems impossible, because this is part of the path. If you give up then you automatically fail, if you keep going you will play how you want to play


3) Your past does not determine your future.

This is a big one, and Michael Jordan is not the only one to have proven this to be true. Tony Robbins has said this before also. This is a big thing to realise because it is common to give up before you have even started.

For example if you have been trying to teach yourself for a long time and you have not been getting anywhere, even if you have found a great teacher to help you get there, it is quite easy to keep telling yourself “If I was able to be a musician it would have happened by now” or “who am I kidding? If I couldn’t get there in 30 years how can I get there now.” But this could not be further from the truth.

If Michael decided to say “I couldn’t even get into a school team, how could I ever be a professional basketball player?” you would not know who he is today.  Any difficulty you have had or are having does not mean anything about your ability to play.


About the author: Okay, Jake Willmot is not a basketball player so he can’t give you specific advice on playing basketball. But the same things that Michael taught you about playing guitar would apply to basketball and anything else! With that said he has been teaching guitar lessons in Exmouth for a while so you can definitely learn something from him about guitar! Don’ hesistate to play the guitar the way you want.