Why do I need to improve the speed of my guitar playing?

There are tonnes of articles online about how to increase the speed of your guitar playing. And whether there are effective or not. That’s for another time.


The thing is, why do I even need to improve the speed of my guitar playing? I want to just sound great. Be able to express myself musically. I definitely don’t want to sound like those robots out there.


So why do I need to even think about this?


A very common struggle for a lot of guitar players


A lot of guitar players spend their time focused just on the sound of their playing. With it, they end up neglecting a lot of other things that will keep them being able to play guitar for a long time. Their posture!


So many guitar players have a lot of pain and tension when they play. We’ve met many students who could only practise for 30 minutes at a time, then we end up fixing.


If you want to be able to play fast one day, you need to reduce the amount of tension in your body.


Everything your body tries to do something it is not used to. Such as going faster. It gets tensed.


You want to be able to play the effortlessly at any speed. So making sure you know how to play fast, will ensure that when you are playing slower. That you are tension free.


From this, you can enjoy a life of pain less guitar playing! Doesn’t that sound great?


What else do you need to learn to play fast?


If you want to gain some real speed, especially for you are improvising on the top of your head. It requires you to know the fretboard really well.


This is true for whatever style you want to be able to play. So would it be great if you could push how fast you can visualise the fretboard when you learn to play fast. Then when you do slow down, you can really visualise the fretboard and still give yourself enough headspace to be able express yourself.


Learning to play the guitar efficiently


Lots of guitar players will get to quite a good stage using terrible technique. But if you go at it from the point of view that you may one day want to be able to play fast, and learn right technique from the first place. It will save you from hours of fixing bad habits you may pick up.


On top of this, having great technique involves your brain being able to do things without even thinking about it. If you can do this at a fast speed. When you are playing slowly, your playing will be even more awesome.


Never limiting your playing


You may say you never ever want to play fast. Maybe that’s true. However, there are so many great solos where there is just that little fast bit that you are struggling to nail.


What if you could play that effortlessly? Do able to switch between a slower speed to super-fast instantly?


Not having those limitations will help you feel much more confident as a guitar player.


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