Reasons Why You And Many Others Are Struggling To Improve Their Guitar Playing

Reasons Why You And Many Others Are Struggling To Improve Their Guitar Playing

“How can I improve my guitar playing?” There are lots of different reasons why someone might be struggling to improve their guitar playing. You may be suffering from some of these too.

Often when they come, they are subtle at first, and before you know it. Ten years can go by without you making much progress. 

Find out the most common reasons below. So that you can avoid these yourself so that you can improve your guitar playing quicker and easier. 


Lots of people are not being persistent enough with their guitar playing 

This is one of the single biggest reason why people fail at guitar playing, or see no improvement in their guitar playing progress. 

When there are challenges, which there will be at some point. Some people struggle to get past it, and they give up. Whether they do this by not practising as much, refusing to get help, or stop playing all together. 

You need to avoid it at all cost, when things get harder, you need to find a solution around it. Whether you do this by yourself or get an expert to help you. You should never give up. In fact, you should practise even more to make sure you can overcome your challenge quicker. 

The only reason to ever give up on the guitar is if you don’t like it anymore. Otherwise the only difference between people who can play and those who can’t is who carried on. 


Playing only what they are comfortable with












This is a very common one that are happen to someone at any stage of their guitar playing journey. Whether you are a beginner guitar player, who has learnt your chords and strumming. Or an advanced shredder shredding scales and arpeggios all over the place. You need to challenge yourself by playing different things. Rather than “practising” the same things over and over again. Otherwise your brain gets adapted into only doing those things only. And it doesn’t provide with a rounded structure to your guitar playing. It won’t help you make dramatic improvements to your guitar playing to play the same things over and over again.


Only ever learning to play songs 

I see this a lot with self taught guitarists who get into the guitar because they wanted to learn a specific song. Very quickly they realise that they don’t feel like a musician because they are copying someone else’s song. They loose the sense of being able to express themselves on the guitar.

Learning songs are useful as you do learn new things. But more important than learning one song is knowing the fundamentals that go into that song.

Learning the techniques and fundamentals that go into playing many songs will allow you to play hundreds of songs. Compared to only replicating one song.

So if you want to make massive improvements to your guitar playing, you’ve got to do more than learning songs.


Getting too happy with their progress

When you first start playing the guitar, it’s exciting and new. You are super keen to make a load of progress and learn everything you can get your head off. Often that enthusiasm tails off when you’ve hit a couple of targets that you’ve set yourself. Then you get out of the cycle of learning, and that’s when the progress plateaus! You need to keep finding setting new targets for you to reach. This will motivate you to keep challenging yourself. So that you improve your guitar playing.


Not getting help from a professional guitar teacher 

You might be surprised to hear the amount of musicians and professional guitarists who still have a coach or a guitar teacher.












You will probably not be surprised with many beginner and intermediate guitar players. Who think that they can learn the guitar by themselves. And then get themselves all frustrated. It’s a complete fallacy.

And then there’s the group who think they are too good for a teacher. And that a guitar teacher wouldn’t have anything to teach them anyways. With that thinking, they will make very poor students indeed.

Having a guitar teacher that is right for you that can help you with what you want. Which means you can avoid the blind spots in your playing and improve on the guitar much quicker. They can help you put all the information together. And keep you accountable to help you focus on your achieving your goals.

Otherwise, you can get a lot of gaps in your playing. And your guitar knowledge and wonder what it is that is holding you back from improving on the guitar.


Lack of believe in themselves

We have met some people who gave up on the guitar before they have really tried. Because they put it down to the fact that they are not “talented”. This reduces their self confidence to really try to play and practise in the first place.

You must remember that no babies came out knowing how to play the guitar already. Guitar is just a learnt skill, that anyone can learn. It does take a lot of work, and it is so worth it when you get there.

You must believe you can do it first before anything else, and figuring out the how comes after.


Holding themselves back from improving their guitar playing 

Lots of people worry about the amount of work it would be to play the guitar. And because they don’t want to put the effort in, they don’t and then blame the reason for not improving on something else.

If you really love the guitar, then no amount of hard work is too much! You have to stay persistent, and just carry on through. And everytime you play and practise. Remember it’s building up to you having this amazing skill for the rest of your life. No one can take that away from you.

If you are passionate about the guitar and want to learn this amazing skill that you can have for a life. If you are struggling to make progress whether it’s by yourself or another guitar teacher. If you are truly willing to put in the work into doing something you love. (It won’t feel like work if you love playing the guitar!) Then find a great guitar teacher near you to help you.

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Providing London Acoustic Guitar Lessons England. Darryl Powis is the owner and trainer of Guitar Tuition East London.