Guitar tricks for beginner guitar players

Guitar tricks for beginner guitar players


Let’s have a look at some common problems that beginner guitar players have when playing songs and practising them.


We are going to focus on what you should do when practising songs to save yourself time and make more progress. And also how to hold down your chords so they sound better when you playing. And finally, how you can improve the sound of your strumming to make it sound more interesting.


The way to practise songs more effectively




I see a lot of beginner guitar players doing this when they are trying to learn a song. Whenever they hit a mistake, they will try to carry on through playing the whole song to the end. Or they will go back to the beginning and start again.


This is like if you had a car, and the tyre went flat and you go into the service to get a full service even though you only need the tyre sorting out. It is wasting time and money, and it’s the same with your guitar precise.


Playing through the whole song again wastes a lot of time re-practising things that you are already comfortable with. So I want you to try this when you are practising at home. Whenever you get to your first mistake of the song, I want you to take that mistake, whether it’s a group of notes that you are getting stuck with, a rhythm that you are struggling with or a chord change. Try just taking that and repeat it 20 times, practising over and over again. And then trying the whole thing again.


While this may make practising your song sound a lot less pleasant, this way is a lot more effective. You are getting to the root of the problem that your song isn’t sounding right and correcting that one thing. So when you get to the next mistake, do the same thing again.


You will be saving minutes today and hours over next few weeks practising this way. So try it and see what progress you can make now in the same time period.


How to get your chords to sound better




A lot of beginner guitar players asks, why do my chords sound rubbish? When they play, they have the right chord shape and they press down on the fretboard but they get this buzzy sound.


Now if you get this, this is because the strings are not pressed down hard enough against the neck of the guitar. To solve this, we have two options. Either you can press down harder, which you can, it might hurt your finger tips more and mean your hand and fingers get more tired. More you could move your fingers closer to the fret lines on your fretboard.


Look at the picture below to see the difference:


You get a much better sound this way even when your fingers are applying the same pressure on the guitar. So I want you to try this at home. Try having your chords in the centre of the frets playing them, and then moving them across with the same pressure. And seeing how little pressure you need to get a nicer sounding chord.


Improving the sound of your strumming



I see a lot of beginner guitar players when they strum, they get this blocky sound when they strum up and down their guitar strings. Now this sound is cool for certain type of chords and music, but sometimes we want the strumming to sound more melodic and fluent. If this is something that you have, this blocky sound when you strum, let’s see how we can improve the sound of your strumming.


First of all, you need to stop thinking of your strumming as just up and down or like a on or off switch. To turn on the sound or turn it off. Imagine you have a paintbrush in your hand, you don’t want to stab the canvas, you want to vary the speed and depth of your strokes to get a more interesting line.


To try this, take a chord that you are happy to practise with. Now play the lowest sounding (bottom) strings slowly and go through the rest of the higher sounding (top) strings quickly. Practise doing this so you can do it fluently.


Now try it in reverse for your up strum, playing the top strings slowly and then the bottom strings quickly. Once you are comfortable doing them independently, try putting them together.


See how it already sounds a lot of more interesting and melodic. Try using this technique with different strumming patterns that you have and see how it changes the feel and expression of the song.


I hope you have found these guitar tricks helpful if you are struggling with any of these points. I am here to help you improve your guitar playing. If you are wanting to know what other things you can do to improve your guitar playing, or you want to plan to help you be able to play the things you really want to on the guitar, then contact get a guitar teacher to help you!


Author: Darryl Powis from Guitar Tuition East London providing awesome electric and acoustic guitar lessons in East Village, Stratford, London. For more information, visit our website.