This Is One Thing You’d Never Expect You Would Need To Become a Great Guitarist, But It Will Help You Tremendously

This Is One Thing You’d Never Expect You Would Need To Become a Great Guitarist, But It Will Help You Tremendously

By Antony Reynaert


My mom raised me and my sister on a steady diet of spiritual philosophies. She learned us valuable lessons about how to get what we want in life right there at the kitchen table.


At the time I was trying to develop my own guitar playing and I remember how the ideas she instilled in us resonated in my mind when I was dutyfully going through my practice routine each night.


From all these life lessons there is one very important ‘secret’ that I used to get my own guitar playing from where I was to where I am now.


Years later, I reproduced that same goal-oriented progression with my students at my guitar schools to turn them from their current playing level into great guitarists.


Later on I found out about the Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger through my mentor Tom Hess. He told me how Arnold would visualize himself already becoming the man he wanted to be long before it happened.


Arnold Schwarzenegger became in his mind the legend he later turned into by means of visualizing. Long before Arnold became what we know him for, he was already this person in his own self-image.


Some people call this process affirmations. Others call it prayer. I call this process visualization.


The bottom line is that it works. I have used this process myself to build my own guitar playing. Later I’ve used the exact same process to build the biggest and most successful guitar school in Europa.


Don’t take my word for it, by all means, try it for yourself.


How to do it:


Visualize yourself already doing what you want to do.


As a guitarist, it might be one of your bigger goals to play gigs. In order to get there you need to visualize yourself already playing such gigs. You need to ‘see’ yourself standing on that stage, hearing the notes come out of your guitar, etc.


If you are learning a fast lick or passage on the guitar, you need to focus on seeing yourself playing at the speed you want to play the particular exercise.


When learning new skills, see yourself already in the possession of the skill.


How would it feel to already have mastered this skill?


How does every movement of your left hand feel, what about your right hand? How does your fingers move up and down the fretboard of the guitar?


How would it feel to have the picking hand fully under control?


How does the sensation of the guitar pick feels?


Do it daily.


About the author


Antony Reynaert is a master guitar teacher from Belgium.

He teaches guitar both in his guitar schools as well as online through his online blues guitar lessons website.