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Join Our Admin Team!

Are you a dedicated professional looking to make a meaningful impact? We want to hear from you!

At Australian Guitar Academy, we’re searching for exceptional individuals to join our admin team.

Here are the essential qualities we value:

  1. Effective Communicator: Strong communication skills are vital. You should convey ideas, actively listen, and foster open dialogue.

  2. Detail-Oriented: We rely on following precise instructions. Your role includes executing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), updating existing SOPs, and crafting new ones as needed.

  3. Commitment to Growth: You’ll already be tech-savvy but also eager to learn and continuously improve. Your dedication to delivering exceptional value to prospects and clients is crucial.

  4. Professionalism: We value traits like professionalism, presentability, loyalty, and trustworthiness. These qualities are at the forefront of our team’s success.

  5. Open-Mindedness: Embrace the concept of “beginner’s mind” and be open to learning our systems, which have proven effective. Your prior knowledge is valued, but we’ll start by familiarizing you with our approach.

Bonus Points for:

  1. Musical Abilities: If you play an instrument, even if not at a teaching level, you’ll stand out. This is a music school, after all.

  2. Teaching Aspirations: If you’re interested in transitioning from an admin role to teaching music in the future, you’ll be a preferred candidate.

  3. Business Skills: Experience or interest in sales, marketing, promotion, or administration is a plus.

  4. Technical Knowledge: Expertise in areas like accounting, real estate, psychology, IT, web design, coding, etc., is advantageous.

  5. Positive Attitude: If you’re known for your unwavering optimism and problem-solving mindset, you’re at the front of the line.

Ready to bring your skills and enthusiasm to our dynamic team? Apply now to be part of Australian Guitar Academy, where we nurture musical talent and create a positive impact.


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