Guitar Teachers

Are You Our Next Guitar Teacher?

Do you have a deep passion for music and a desire to inspire others on their musical journey? If so, we want to hear from you! 

At Australian Guitar Academy, we’re on the lookout for dedicated and aspiring guitar teachers to join our team.

Here are the key qualities we’re looking for:

  1. Effective Communicator: Strong communication skills are essential. You should be able to convey ideas clearly, listen actively, and foster open dialogue with students.

  2. Teaching Commitment: While teaching experience is a plus, it’s not required. We have a unique approach to music education, and we’re looking for individuals committed to becoming great teachers.

  3. Guitar Proficiency: You should have a solid command of the guitar, with a good understanding of music theory, notation, ear training, and various guitar techniques.

  4. Professionalism: We value professionalism, punctuality, and trustworthiness. These qualities are crucial in our team members.

  5. Open-Mindedness: Embrace the concept of “beginner’s mind” and be open to learning our proven teaching methods. We appreciate your prior knowledge but want you to start with our systems.

If you possess any of the following, it’s a bonus:

  • Multidisciplinary Skills: Teaching additional instruments like singing, drums, bass, or ukulele.
  • Genre Expertise: Specialized knowledge in specific music genres or styles.
  • Business or Technical Skills: Experience or interest in sales, marketing, administration, or technical fields.
  • Positive Attitude: If you’re always optimistic and focused on finding solutions, you’re a standout candidate.


Ready to take your passion for music and teaching to the next level? 

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